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Blue Roots

Flower · 20.13% THC · 0.21% CBD

Starting at: $12.00 (1g)



$12.00 (1g)

This Hawaaian pheno holds musky overtones complemented by a fruity aftertaste and floral aroma. This strain suprisingly provides a less uplifting effect than many sativas, tending to be more hazy in effect and slows you down.

Availability: In Stock

THC: 20.13%

CBD: 0.21%


Black Jack Hi-Terp

Harmony Farms

Cartridges · 76.66% THC · 0.24% CBD

Starting at: $35.00 (.5g)


Black Jack Hi-Terp

$35.00 (.5g)

Black Domina x Jack Herer. To be clear, there are actually two strains called Black Jack, including a second hybrid that descends from Black Domina and a European local known as Jock Horror. The latter strain is known as Blackjack.

Availability: In Stock

THC: 76.66%

CBD: 0.24%